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No Prescription No Problem Prescription not needed for the scan. We will provide you with a prescription if you need one.
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Female Doctors Our scans are done only by female doctors.
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Benefits of Early Pregnancy Scan


Valuable Information

Early Pregnancy Scan provides the confirmation needed.

Early detection

Early Pregnancy Scan helps you decide how to proceed with the pregnancy

Non Invasive

Early Pregnancy Scan does 0 harm as there are no radiations

Early Pregnancy Scan cost in Bangalore

Simple and Transparent Pricing. No hidden costs
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Early Pregnancy Scan

₹2,499 ₹1,499 All inclusive
  • - Early Pregnancy Scan
  • - Digital and Physical Reports
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Early Scan With Blood Tests

₹5,499 ₹3,199 All inclusive
  • - Early Pregnancy Scan
  • - 8 Bio Marker Blood Tests
  • - Complete Urine Examination
  • - Digital and Physical Reports
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Full Pregnancy Package

₹22,999 ₹18,499 All inclusive
  • - Early Pregnancy Scan
  • - NT NB Scan
  • - Anomaly Scan
  • - Growth Scan
  • - All Blood Tests (Without NIPT)
Who does the procedure?
Dr. Gayathri Priyadharshinee
Dr. Gayathri Priyadharshinee
MBBS • DNB • FRCR • 6+ years Dr. Gayathri Priyadharshinee is our in-house Ultrasound Specialist. She has been trained in renowned centers like KMCH (Coimbatore) and Royal College of Radiology (London). She has been performing Ultrasound scans since June 2018 and has done 3000+ in just the last 8 months. Having an her as an in-house specialist is one of the main reasons why we are able to provide the Ultrasound scan at such competitive prices. Her expertise in the scan makes it highly cost effective.

Why Choose Her Care?

team-doctors Doctors Always Available Morning, Afternoon or Evening. We are there
team-doctors Immediate Reports Reports within 10 minutes of scan
team-doctors Best Equipment State of the art equipment for best results
team-doctors Before and After Work Open 9AM to 8PM. Best for Working Professionals

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How is the Early Pregnancy Scan done?

During an early pregnancy scan, also known as a dating scan or viability scan, a external or internal ultrasound examination is performed to assess the early stages of pregnancy. The procedure involves the use of high-frequency sound waves that create detailed images of the uterus, gestational sac, and developing embryo or fetus. The scan is conducted by an experienced doctor in a comfortable and private setting. In an external scan, a gel is applied to the abdomen, and a handheld device called a probe is moved gently over the area. This probe emits sound waves that bounce back, creating real-time images on a monitor. In some cases, an internal scan may be recommended for better visualization, especially in early stages of pregnancy. This involves the insertion of a specially designed transducer into the vagina, which provides clearer and closer images of the uterus and developing embryo or fetus. The early pregnancy scan is a safe and painless procedure that typically takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It allows healthcare professionals to accurately measure the gestational age, confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy, assess the number of embryos, and detect any early signs of potential complications. The procedure offers expectant parents valuable insights into their pregnancy, providing reassurance, and allowing for appropriate medical support and interventions if needed. It is an important step in the prenatal care journey, ensuring the early detection and monitoring of the pregnancy for a healthy and successful outcome.
Early Scan The Early Scan is done between 6 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. This scan is done to confirm the pregnancy.
NT NB Scan NT NB Scan is done between 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. It is taken with a double marker blood test to give you a combined risk.
Anomaly Scan Anomaly Scan is done between 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. This is the most important scan of your pregnancy.
Growth Scan Growth scan is done between 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. This scan is done to check the growth of the baby.

Know more about Early Pregnancy Scan

Early pregnancy scans play a vital role in the early detection and monitoring of pregnancy to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the developing baby. These scans, typically performed during the first trimester, provide valuable information about the gestational age, confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy, and assess the overall health of the embryo or fetus. Early pregnancy scans can detect potential complications such as ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages, allowing for timely medical intervention and support. Furthermore, these scans provide expectant parents with an opportunity to see their baby's heartbeat for the first time, fostering a strong emotional connection and offering reassurance during this special time. By conducting early pregnancy scans, healthcare professionals can provide comprehensive care, address any concerns, and guide expectant parents on their journey to a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery.

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