Get Protection Against Cervical Cancer with HPV Vaccination

Cervical cancer is a scary reality for many women due to its potential fatal consequences; Protect yourself and loved ones against cervical cancer with the HPV vaccination. The HPV vaccination can help protect you against cervical cancer and is available at a cost of only Rs.3,900

Know more about HPV Vaccination


Protect yourself and your loved ones

HPV is sexually transmitted. Get vaccinated at the earliest ensure everyone is safe.

3 doses needed

You have to take 3 doses in 3 months to be completely vaccinated. But don't worry, we'll make the process seamless.

Quick and Painless

It is quick jab and you are done. You'll feel nothing more than a prick.

No More Worries

The vaccination protects you against the 4 common strains of HPV. This reduces your chance of getting HPV drastically.

No hidden costs

Simple and Transparent Pricing
FREE Pap smear test

Her Care Consultation

  • Discovery based consultation
  • Fully Refundable if test taken
  • ₹599 All inclusive Fully Refundable
    Introductory Offer

    HPV Vaccination - 4 strains

  • FREE consultation
  • 4 strains
  • HPV Vacciation - 1 dose
  • Follow up along with reminders for next vaccine
  • ₹3,900 All inclusive ₹4,200
    Introductory Offer

    HPV Vaccination - 9 strains

  • FREE consultation
  • 9 strains
  • HPV Vaccination - 1 dose
  • Follow up along with reminders for next vaccine
  • ₹10,500 All inclusive ₹11,500

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